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Oldtimer Journeys

Created for travelers that have expectations, the single tours lead the caravan of this „private rally“ into very different areas in the South of Italy, permitting the incredible variety of landscape and history to emerge. Tracing back the centuries and tracking down the Great Cultures that have influenced this region, you will feel accompanied just by one central thread that awakens historical facts to life: stories, oral legends and pieces of wisdom told by the people.


This extraordinary experience covers one very intensive week with different full-day journeys, each of them unique for its subject, route and content.


In places of particular fascination, every day will be cared for the enological and gastronomic part, with breaks of high culinary level.


Deeply immerged in the nature or in a historical context you will taste dishes and wines that are typical for the area, but could never be described as banal or casual, but propose an elegant, creative and sagely dosed cooking.


In between old legends, mythology, curiosities, marvelous food and best wines, you will find yourself taken to other decades or centuries, which in these latitudes are still part of the present.


Visiting, extending knowledge, wandering around, meeting people, enjoying thousand surprises that expect you in every itinerary, each one of those will contribute to put together the big mosaic.