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Hemmings Sports & Exsotic Car                                  United States of America  September- October 2009



. …"





White Magazine                                                                                                  Italia    giugno 2009


Sud di altri tempi


Il vento tra i capelli per un viaggio alla scoperta delle coste del Sud Italia. Come? A bordo di una storica lambretta o di un auto d’epoca. Per gli appassionati dei motori o per chi, semplicemente, è affascinato dalle bellezze d’Italia, Meridianosedici organizza tour alla scoperta della costiera Amalfitana o delle strade di straordinaria bellezza della costa di Maratea, tra i paesi e le masserie della Puglia, nel cuore verde della Calabria o nei romantici dintorni di Roma. I viaggi includono pernottamenti e soste per il pranzo o la cena in luoghi scelti caratteristici dove scoprire e degustare le specialità del posto. Qui si potrà rivivere la magia sensazionale delle tradizioni di quel Sud che ancora conserva il legame speciale con la ricca tradizione del passato senza rinunciare alle più lussuose comodità.



ACE - Lenkrad                                                                             Germany. April 2009  


Vespa e Lambretta


Italy.  In the past, Italy was the dream destination of the Germans. In the same way, pure nostalgia emerges from the “A m’arcord”

tours of Meridianosedici.

.."...The tour operator organizes journeys through different regions of Southern Italy – on the original

scooters of the 1950ies and 1960ies.."...




Riders -                                                                              Italy Nr.18 - April 2009


She (the "Vespa") has a wasp waist and the same wide tail.-

..“Memories that cannot be erased and the fascination of a design which like few others have set the trend.

Vespa (Italian for “wasp”) and Lambretta: names that barely pronounced recall the vacations. And not only that. Meridianosedici offers

organized tours in the most impressive spots of Southern Italy. Amidst the little hamlets of the Amalfi Coast, at the Gulf of Maratea, b

etween the sea and the rolling hills of Cilento, in the Apulian Valle d’Itria and in Calabria. Or for those who prefer the Roman holiday

(in the style of the homonymous film with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn - see the pictures above), there’s a journey along

the old roads of the Roman Empire..."...




Die Zeit -                                                                                              Germany Nr.14 - April 2009


A nostalgic jaunt for Italy vacationers

"The Vespa represents the style of the Fifties and Sixties like hardly any other vehicle. Even if the scooter is still being produced,

for the real fan only the original exemplar counts. This summer it’ll be possible to cruise leisurely on such Vintage Vespas through

the Italian landscapes. The Berlin tour operator Meridianosedici has developed the itineraries and named them “A m’arcord”

(I remember) inspired by Fedeico Fellini’s film.The vacationers are guided through Puglia, Calabria or the Latium region..."

.."And also the magnificent view from the coast road, the “Amalfitana”, can be enjoyed in this nostalgic way..."





Abenteuer & Reisen.                                                             Deutschland  Nr.29 - April 2009



Italiens Zauberküste in historischen Cabrios -..."Weit südlich von Neapel und Amalfitana kurvte unser Reporter in einem

Triumph Spitfire aus den 70ern über die Küstenstraße SS 18.Am Golf von Policastro entdeckte er ein liebenswertes Stück Italien

und eine der schönsten Küsten Italiens. Rund um Maratea bestimmte der durchgehend hohe Pegel von Glückshormonen den Fahrstil.

Zwei Geheimtipps in einer Story! - Kein normaler Mensch denkt bei einem so hinreißenden Anblick ans Überholen! Dem wohlgeformten

Heck in feurigem Rot mit chromblitzender Kofferablagevor mir würde man fast überallhin folgen. Das animative Röhren des 1962

gebauten Roadsters presst sich durch einen unscheinbar dünnen Performanceauspuff.




AD -  Architectural Digest                                     Germany  Nr.4 April 2008


A triumphal parade -".. Already in the 17th century the English aristocratic offspring went on journey to Italy

accompanied by a private teacher who familiarized them with the cultural heritage of the European continent.

Meridianosedici’s exclusive tours by modern fuel carriage throughout Southern Italy intend to revive this lovely custom.

 Along with this British tradition you will be riding Classic English Triumph Convertibles. A tutor will explain

the places of interest on each route, country houses as well as mansions at the seaside offer suitable accommodation.

Riding these Spiders the views will certainly be undisguised: a real “tour d’horizon”. …”




Country -                                                    Germany No.5 September 2007


Classic Car Driver for a short time. "Time-limited vintage-chauffeur. Travelling in style. …"

"For three days the Meridianosedici Resort in Calabria places English Vintage Convertibles at guests’  disposal...."





Voyage - essere nel mondo                        Italy May 2007

Oldtimer & Golf
" Meridianosedici’s original offer for travelers who want to discover (or rediscover) the less known

corners of Calabria: riding for three days English Vintage Convertibles of the 60ies and 70ies including two extra days which

are completely dedicated to playing golf. The other days can be spent at the Tyrrhenian sea coast  in a small charming resort

(with only ten rooms). You will find in the service “included” a sort of international conversation, because most of the travelers

are Germans and Americans!!....."




Urlaub Tipp -                                                          Germany   April 2007


Southern Italy: Classic Car-Adventure and Golf-Passion. "....„The tour operator Meridianosedici has

extended its successful program by a precious element. Those who want to explore the South of Italy by riding a

Triumph Spider can now complete their journey with golfing.” “…The elegance of the vintage cars and the fascinating

itineraries lead to a very special holiday experience….“





Der Tagesspiegel                                                 Germany      1st October  2006


Travelling the South of Italy in a vintage car. … A one week journey riding Triumph Classic Cars will

take you through the region of Calabria in the South of Italy. This tour includes three excursions in the roadster:

Starting from Pizzo and Tropea the ‘Costa Viola’ it leads to the straight of Messina. ‘From Coast to Coast’

samples a cross-section of landscapes and centuries while the tour ‘Fortresses, Emirates, Medieval Villages’

permits to approach to aspects of a frugal and secluded life. …”





Freundin                                                    Germany        29th September  2006


Step on it !  Autumn is the perfect time for those who want to enjoy a tour by car in a wonderful landscape.

…a highlight for vintage car enthusiasts: during a seven days journey in Calabria you will be travelling for three days

on board of a restored Triumph Spitfire Convertible along the old streets in the South-Italian province. …“




Oldtimer Inserat  -                                  Germany   No.8 September 2006


A one week journey, to become part of a myth

“… Float along in the stream of this world out of archaic South-Italian regions, their landscapes, idiosyncrasies and people.”

“…The Meridianosedici Oldtimer Tour 2006 has now been given the finishing touch because each journey strives for harmony,

so that the active involvement and the so-called “switching off”  are being given room in equal measure.….“




Lenz -                                                                                   Germany August 2006


Vintage Car Holiday. Travelling Italy in a Convertible. "...Riding a Triumph Spitfire along the idyllic streets

in the old province of Calabria in the South of Italy, with a light wind from the seaside blowing in your hair while admiring

glances are directed towards you from every direction - seems to be a dream.

A dream which may come true!”  



Frau im Leben                                            Germany August 2006


Vintage Car Holiday. Travelling in a Convertible through Italy. "… three full-day journeys in vintage cars are

 part of a seven days round trip through the region of Calabria.” “….The Spitfire cars are excellently restored and each

participant is connected to a radio communication system. … the specialist Meridianosedici.”



Motor Klassik - Das Oldtimermagazin        Germany    July 2006


All inclusive. “.....Who wants to pass a lovely holiday in a vintage car, but shies away from arriving with the own car due

 to the distance…” “…can book a complete holiday program… .” “The tours generally begin with a briefing to the cars with respect

of those participants who haven’t ever moved a historic vehicle with a contemporary brake and chassis technology and in absence

of little electronic helpers or servo steering. During the journey a service team and supporting cars are at everyone’s disposal….“



Reisemagazin                                                 Germany       May 2006


 “....Time travelling is possible. All you need is a little machine with four wheels and the courage to slow down)…”

“…Meridianosedici. Calabria in an English Classic Automobile….”



Touristik aktuell  -  Wochenzeitung für Touristiker      Germany 10th April 2006


Rallye-Feeling in the Mezzogiorno

For the first time Meridianosedici offers vintage car journeys in Calabria to tour operator TUI..."

".....Discovering Calabria is also possible in elegant retro style. ….” ,“These are exactly the kind of tours offered by

Meridianosedici since autumn 2004, an organization who specializes in high quality excursions in this region of Southern Italy.

In the course of one week the lovingly restored convertibles start their three tours along selected itineraries, sometimes crossing

 the region from the west to the east coast, sometimes following the legendary “Costa Viola….”




Auto Bild                                                        Germany  No.10 10th March 2006


Travelling the South of Italy in a Spitfire. "...Are you afflicted by the roadster-bacillus? The very British one?

Then, this seven-days-trip hits the spot: Riding a Triumph Spitfire along the sleepy and curvy streets of Calabria in the South of Italy.”




Touristik aktuell - Wochenzeitung für Touristiker       Germany 6th March 2006


Meridianosedici - "...The one-week-package of the specialist offers three full-day journeys in a vintage car

and accommodation in the private hotel resort in Calabria. British cars of the 60ies and 70ies are ready to start

their tour in caravan. ..."



Westdeutsche Allgemeine                                 Germany 26th November 2005


Nostalgic Travel: Nostalgic journeys combine modern comfort with the charm of old times.

"… It’s hardly possible to explore Italy in a more charming way: The tour in old English Triumph Convertibles will take you without

 hurry along the country roads of Calabria – the most genuine piece of the Italian boot – passing small villages, along spectacular

steep coasts, through almost deserted hilly landscapes. The German-Italian tour operator Meridianosedici offers several guided

theme- tours….

...” The tutors who come along in  supporting cars not only attend to the teams with information about the region’s culture and

history but – prompt at lunchtime – also with Calabrese gastronomic delicacies…” 



Spiegel Online                           Germany 19th October 2005

Time Travelling in a Triumph Spitfire ......"Other tour operators offer similar tours in the South of Italy…”

“What we offer our guests is the possibility to travel through ages”, says Oscar d’Ippolito, Director of

Meridianosedici-Scuderia del Marchesato in the South-Italian village Belmonte. That’s what makes them forget the mad

rush of modernity.” “His Scuderia rents ten Triumph Spitfire for round trips….”




Motor Klassik - Das Oldtimermagazin        Germany    October 2005


Dream Holidays in the classic Triumph -  "..... La dolce vita: While in Germania the first autumn mist billows travelers

with Meridianosedici enjoy the South-Italian sun in a Spitfire with open top.” “… Calabria in South Italy is one of the most beautiful

and genuine regions of this planet and the best way to enjoy the dreamy countryside situated between two seas, is by riding a vintage

convertible. …“



Manager Magazin                             Germany    September  2005

An open-air leisure tour....."…Warm wind over your skin; pine and lavender perfume in the air –

this is how a tour in a historical car along southern regions feels like. And besides - driving-pleasure is a free extra. ....."

" That’s what makes forget the mad rush of modernity.”....“His Scuderia rents ten Triumph Spitfire for round trips through Calabria….”



Bell'Italia - alla scoperta del più bel paese del mondo    Italy No. 232 August 2005


Exclusive Offer "....hidden villages in the mountains, orange and jasmine perfume, the sea of the Magna Grecia.

This and more can be expected from Meridianosedici’s ‘Calabria Program’, while travelling with a group along the provincial roads

and adapting the calm rhythm of the elegant 30 to 40 year old English Convertibles. A private “rally” with five extensive journeys…."




Ruoteclassiche                                                  Italy August 2005


Seven days in English style "....On board of 30 to 40 year old English Spiders discovering the culinary specialties and

accommodated in comfortable four star resorts. That’s what the organization Meridianosedici offers. From May until October you

can choose  between five extensive  journeys on a weekly basis...."





Teknikens Värld                                             Sweden No.14 5th July 2005


  Aftonbladet                                                     Sweden  June 2005


Capital - Das Wirtschaftsmagazin                         Germany  24th May 2005


Nostalgia on wheels..."The journeys in old English convertibles are our highlight.", says Tour-Director Julia Jäger.

Ten vehicles of the Spitfire series compose the car pool (fleet) of the Meridianosedici Scuderia del Marchesato.

At its head Oscar d’Ippolito: The 48 year old has the passion for automobiles running through his veins: His grandfather Guido was

one of the first four pilots who Enzo Ferrari accepted as members of his legendary Scuderia. 73 years later the grandson opts on

purpose for the more comfortable way of driving: ‘We offer our guests a journey on the wings of time’, says d’Ippolito enthusiastically.

That’s what makes forget the mad rush of modernity.".........



Autolife - Das Magazin für Automobilen Lifestyle       Germany  No.2  May 2005


Travelling Calabria in vintage car - “...Travelling in the hardly cushioned roadster with open roof by day, sleeping

in the cozy, well-cushioned bed with four stars by night and in the meantime enjoying Mediterranean delicacies in places

of particular fascination – that’s what offers Meridianosedici’s Oldtimer Tour.” “….The passengers are connected via radio

to the supporting cars in order to guarantee technical and further assistance. Moreover the radio-system allows receiving

interesting information during the journey – by this means the roadster becomes an open-roofed double-seating tour bus.…“



Gala - Die Leute der Welt             Germany   No.5  7th April  2005


Oldtimer-Tour - “Discovering the South of Italy, riding an English vintage convertible – for those who want to undertake

a picture-perfect rally in splendid cars, the program of tour operator Meridianosedici hits the spot….”



Traveller Style International              Germany  June 2005


A private vintage car rally through Calabria - "...Travelling for five days the South of Italy as a pilot of an English

vintage convertible escorted by an experienced guide, for five days…”, “…outdoors, offside the tourist tracks, living pure nature,

the light wind blowing from the seaside, enjoying orange and jasmine perfume: That’s how the Meridianosedici Oldtimer Tours,

 offered until the end of October, look like. …"





Autocollezioni magazine               Italy  No.24 April 2005


Time travelling. "....vintage cars ready to start, hospitality with four stars, infallible organization…this is what offers the

‘Program Calabria 2005’ of the Meridianosedici Oldtimer Tour which wants to appeal to enthusiasts, curious people and discoverers

as well as amateurs and experts ...."





Leggo                                              Italy  27th April 2005


A leisure ride through time.

The latest Italian passion? Travelling in a vintage car."....Travelling in a caravan consisting of two-seating English vintage cars:

<<The conception of travelling in a caravan – affirms Oscar d’Ippolito from Meridianosedici, the leading company in the field

– is resoundingly succeeding especially in Germany and in the Scandinavian Countries. At the disposal of our guests we place the vintage cars,

full-board accommodation, support to the vehicles and the outbound and inbound flight, so that they only have to care about

bringing their driver’s license.>>....."




Millionaire                                   Italy  No.3 March 2005


Time Travel. "....the scenery: the authentic and somewhat wild Calabria. The vehicle: a fascinating English vintage convertible.

The journey: a rally in a caravan including supporting cars and a special radio-system for communication. Meridianosedici offers

five different tours in one week...."