Meridianosedici A m'arcord

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Vespa and Lambretta.

Cheerful duel  

of the Italian Sunday of the 1950ies.

 Hair blowing in the wind.

Recalling the genuine taste of times

when the pace of travelling

was set by two-strokes.








A m'arcord (I remember) 

The term Amarcord coined by the film-director Federico Fellini has become a commonly-understood topos for “The way we were”.

A journey of emotional beauty for dreamers who would like to follow the thread of the personal memory in personal memories to its utmost expression. Memories of those great years, of the way we were and of how we might have been.

Cruising on the “back” of our Vespa and Lambretta of the 1950ies and 1960ies throughout the South of Italy, on these unique vehicles, which have become synonym for liberty. Being of easy handling they allow any style of clothing whether elegant or casual, and of course the skirt.

Along the roads of the great international tourism,  along the hidden and less beaten tracks. On this journey, time isn’t just the mere flow of hours, but a kaleidoscope of sensations, of climate, fragrances and colours.

Itineraries of carefree times reveal sceneries that can be discovered in all their original splendour. Even if today’s organization and comfort cater to the perfect indulgence, they still convey a feeling of the unforeseen adventure but leave out unpleasant  inconvenience.

A full immersion into other worlds in one week of culinary delights from the superb South Italian cuisine, which wisely knows how to temper subtle creations and sophisticated modern art of cooking with secular traditions.

Carefully chosen itineraries lead to the secrets of lifestyle and to distinct addresses of high comfort, elegance and culinary luxury.

In the paradises of the Mediterranean diet, delectable treats and landscapes sprout out from their soil, the curious traveller may expect plenty of surprises. Opening one’s mind and having a new view on things may lead to incredible astonishment .







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