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Fascination in a land of extremes, divided in completely different natural phenomena  by their aspect and essence, but all of them extremely beautiful

A land with the taste of passed centuries that transpire in the stories of its people, in their traditions and every day activities.

Going along the traces of history, to castles, monasteries and isolated hermitages, through the woods of brigants and in medieval villages where time has corroded the facades – the eventful history is always imaginable, more than that: seems alive.

At the same time Calabria offers treasures of nature.

From the point of view of the natural sceneries that you will see in only one week it is definitely the most various of the South Italian regions: exotic-looking beaches and rocky bays, high mountains, deep canyons, dense green woods, desert-like hills and fertile plains – your eyes will be spoilt.


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  Choose from two fantastic programs:

Luxury holiday with sea view 

Be the guest in a five-star luxury villa with view to one of the most beautiful coasts of the South. Elegant ambience with vast terraces, gardens, pool areas and stylish lounges. The private beach is only a few meters away.



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In the green heart of Calabria

Stay in an idyllic country house on the edge of the Sila mountains, right in the heart of Calabria, in central position to all places of interest.


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