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Oriental corners in the heart of the Murge


Puglia is surrounded by eight hundred kilometres of coast, but this land does not live from the sea in the first place. The area around the valley of Itria is situated in the centre, in the green heart of the region.

And it is in these parts that you will really immerge to understand the contrasts of Puglia’s character and the deeply rooted traditions.

The villages with the whitewashed houses, the huge mansions called masseria, the peculiar trulli and uncountable kilometres of stone walls – all this seems like a fairytale landscape. Many of the antique settlements today are considered the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Everywhere you will feel the Arabian roots. And a particular fascination is expressed by the Archaic: the knotty olive trees, the distant ringing of the herds, the stone houses, the caves – everything that signed Puglia has grown from nature.

This is perceivable even in today’s life. This area is particularly famous for its wines which go with dishes you won’t find elsewhere in Italy: Also the cooking was influenced by the history.


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