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Cilento - Campania


The hidden coast of Campania

This journey to the wild Italy of the 1960ies and 70ies is an experience of sensual fascination. Passing the most wonderful panoramas, fresh scents of flowers in your nose and curious tellings on the visited sites you will travel across vast landscapes and old villages, approaching Cilento and its people. Not only in the many impressions along the way, but also in the culinary part of travelling you will feel a unique union of the mountain culture and the fishermen’s places.

Cilento, though situated directly in the neighbourhood of the world famous Amalfi Coast, has never woken from the dreaming Beauty’s sleep. It is therefore a region for connoisseurs.

Between the majestic temples of Paestum and the sparkling yacht harbour of Maratea a piece of the romantic Italy is preserved, characterized by small harbour towns, bays and beaches, villages immerged into huge olive extensions with their flair of old walls, and from each perspective you will catch a glance on the turquoise sea and the enormous horizon, cut only by small fisher boats and white sailing ships.

Already the hotel is an oasis of relax and enjoyment. In its ancient monastery walls situated in the medieval town centre, you will perceive a southerly, maybe even oriental flair. On the panorama terraces where your eyes can dive directly into the sea, you would want to linger on forever.

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